Hi. I’m Kevin Hartnett.

I’ve been writing Growing Sideways since June 2011, the month my second son was born. In some predawn hour, rocking him back to sleep, I realized being a parent was the most interesting thing I’d ever done. Many times each day I have moments with my kids that jump up and grab- they’re startling, interesting, emotional. On this blog I try to make sense of those moments, to tell the stories in which they occur, and figure out what they mean.

The main characters on Growing Sideways are my two young sons, Jay and Wally, and my wife, Caroline. We’re Yankees by birth but now live in South Carolina. Regular posts include reflections on parenting, a few recipes, and lots of stories- some sad, some funny, and all of which I hope make you feel good about life.

Growing Sideways is on TwitterFacebook, and was named one of the 50 best fatherhood blogs by Babble.

By day, I am a journalist and write a column called Brainiac for the Boston Globe.