Summer Brothers

Saturday around 5pm Jay, Wally, and I headed out to the shaded hill in our backyard to eat popsicles, which has become a late afternoon ritual for the three of us during this run of really hot weather.  I had lime. Jay had strawberry.  Wally sat on my lap.

Wally likes popsicles though he can’t do much with them.  I always share mine with him, alternating bites as he chirp-chirps for more.  For the most part he just kind of lets the popsicle sit in his mouth, enjoying whatever melts off while it’s there.  After awhile, when the popsicle starts to soften, he’ll nibble with his eight front teeth.

On Saturday I gave Wally a few tastes of my lime pop and then Jay leaned over to share some of his with his brother.  The exchange wasn’t particularly elegant.  Wally leaned in, his lips straining towards Jay.  Jay reached out, his hand shaking.  Wally ended up with strawberry streaks on his cheeks, nose, and chin before he got any in his mouth.

But when he did finally get a taste of Jay’s popsicle he preferred it to my lime one, and after that he only wanted to eat from Jay.  And Jay, who is often competitive with Wally for toys and our attention, but sometimes has periods of real older brother generosity, was happy to share.  He traded bites with Wally all the way down to the stick.  It was a wonderful transaction to behold.

Caroline and I both love the moments when Jay and Wally get wrapped up in each other’s worlds.  They don’t happen too often yet, but every now and again they’ll chase each other around the living room, or rush to the window together to watch the garbage truck, or roll on top of each other in Jay’s crib like little baby muskrats.

What I like most about those moments is the sense I get that they’re developing something that is all their own: a relationship that stands apart from their relationships with me and Caroline; something special that’s just for the two of them.

I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the two of them eating popsicles together but I did get a few shots of them this afternoon playing in the sprinkler.

What’s more interesting than the sprinkler? The sound of our neighbor coming home from work.

Surprisingly, Wally enjoyed this (and Jay didn’t take too much advantage)


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