Christmas Day and things are sunnier

I just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know that Wally is doing better.  We spent most of yesterday in the ER at Children’s National Medical Center where the care was good and Wally submitted bravely to his IV and choked down barium four ways.  

The net result is that he’s healthy by all measures except for the vomiting, which has diminished in the last 24 hours.  His organs are fine (ultrasound), his blood chemistry is good, and his chewing and swallowing are more or less normal (barium test).  Our best guess as to why his throwing up has surged in the last two weeks is that he’s had the stomach flu a lot longer than the rest of us (we were all better in a couple days).  It’s a mystery but one we can tolerate for now.

And all told Christmas Eve in the ER is not as bad as it sounds, especially when the results come back good.  Caroline and I enjoyed the chance to spend some relatively quiet time together and between visits from the hospital staff it was kind of cozy to sit the three of us on the bed, munching goldfish crackers and reading books.  

So, thank you everyone who expressed concern for Wally.  I imagine I’ll write more about this once we get back to Ann Arbor and continue trying to figure out what’s going on.  But for now, Merry Christmas.


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