Between the sugar and the Resurrection, Easter is a crazy time

Yesterday afternoon Jay and Grammy hosted a reunion in the living room.  Jay gathered five vehicles in a circle.  Grammy said all the drivers had been in kindergarten together and had not seen each other for a long time.  Playing the role of the teacher, Mrs. Applejuice, she went around the circle and asked Jay if he might share with the group how each person’s life had been.

Jay, answering for the first person, whom he called Fred, took the opportunity to work through something that apparently had been on his mind: “God died and then Jesus died,” he said. Pause. “Then God undied and Jesus undied.” Pause.  “Do you want to know how they undied?” Pause.  “The wizard did it.” Pause.  “With his magic wand.”*

It’s to be expected at reunions that people are always trying to sell an image of how they’ve lived their lives.  Mrs. Applejuice went on to the next person, a Lego figurine named Freddy.

“She had a very good life,” Jay said. “She got a lot of candy on Halloween.”

“And his life,” Mrs. Applejuice said, pointing to the third figure.

“He had a very good life, too,” Jay answered.  “He never had to take his shoes off.”

So that’s what was on Jay’s mind yesterday.  The Resurrection. Candy. His parents who are always making him take off his shoes when he comes home.  Today, though, his mind was more focused.  From the moment he woke up, all he wanted to do was hunt Easter eggs.  I don’t know when he hatched the technique you’ll see in the pictures below, but from the get-go, Jay understood that you can hunt eggs faster if you have both hands free.

_MG_3881 _MG_3887_MG_3873





*This morning on the way to church Jay updated his theology: “Obama the president made Jesus undead,” he said.  Which, I swear, is not how we talk about Obama in our house.


1 thought on “Between the sugar and the Resurrection, Easter is a crazy time

  1. Love hearing how a young mind interprets this theology stuff ! It appears I need to improve my teaching techniques….

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