And also, birthdays!

The other big events of the last month were birthdays. Jay turned four and got a balance bike. Wally turned two, started climbing out of his crib, and graduated to a big bed.

And speaking of the two of them, for the first time they go to daycare together. Jay has cried hard most mornings we’ve dropped him off, while Wally has gone more easily. As a result, Wally has become something of a security blanket for Jay. He keeps close to his little brother when we leave in the morning and, we’re told, stops by his classroom for a visit after lunch most days. The fact that it’s the little one comforting the big one instead of the other way around accentuates their blood ties in a satisfying way.




2 thoughts on “And also, birthdays!

  1. I stumbled across your blog a while back and love reading about you all. I’m of a different generation (my grandkids are just a little younger than your kids), but I love your writing. Just wanted to say thanks for blogging!

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