If you left a toddler for a weekend, would he ever fall asleep?

A few years ago, around when Jay started to walk, I wondered: If we left him alone in our apartment, would he ever fall asleep? His manic attentiveness made it seem unlikely, and I pictured him like a rat in one of those cruel experiments, which stimulates itself until it simply just drops from exhaustion.

We never ran that experiment with Jay but Wally has been participating in a modified form of it for the last week. I mentioned in their birthday post that Wally started climbing out of his crib and has since been moved to a bed. But he’s not actually ready to handle the responsibility that comes with sleeping outside of a cage. So, we’ve taken the sharp objects out of his room in Maine (my childhood bedroom), put blankets and pillows around his bed, and after his last lullaby, we close the door. It’s not actually that simple (there’s some crying, and multiple trips in and out of the room) but the point is, eventually he bows to his confinement and starts playing or rolling around or doing whatever it is he does when left alone in a room. And eventually, sometimes hours later, he falls asleep. Like he did tonight. And it wasn’t in the bed.



5 thoughts on “If you left a toddler for a weekend, would he ever fall asleep?

  1. Kevin, thanks for these glimpses into your family life. This post and the one preceding it were so sweet.

      • It has, thanks!

        And re your next post, Crossing To Safety is one of my most favorite books ever. You’ve inspired me to re-read it (although it will have to go to the bottom of the stack on my list…)

      • And what’s next on your list? I’m not sure what I’m going to read next.

      • David Sedaris’ Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls, Big Brother and We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. I also need to finish Vietnam by Stanley Karnow, but as interesting as it is, it’s dense and disheartening. I’d like to read Tana French’s third mystery too.

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