…and gets a seat at the cookie table


In addition to “staking his claim,” Wally now has a seat at the cookie table.

Last school year, Jay and I frequently stopped by a bakery after I picked him up from school. We’d always split a large oatmeal raisin cookie and a cup of milk, and sometimes we talked about how next year Wally- who was in daycare at the time- would be able to join us.

Well, next year is here. Today was Wally’s first day of school, in a classroom just across the way from Jay’s. I picked them both up at 2:40pm and had fun leading them back to the car, their water bottles and lunch boxes swinging from their arms, each boy prattling away about his day. We swung by the house, then drove a couple miles up Devine Street to Silver Spoon. They were out of oatmeal raisin but did have toffee cookies. I split the cookie in two, took a bite from each half for myself, then set the boys up at a table on the front porch. Wally didn’t have to be told that the right move was to dunk his cookie. He did, though, end up spilling his milk. Rookie mistake. 

IMG_5401 IMG_5395 IMG_5373


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